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LCMAL in the News

Forming a Partnership with Hyderabad Presidency College

The London College of Management and Leadership has begun a partnership with the Hyderabad Presidency College (HPC) to teach western qualifications in India. Mr Darren Windsor, the Principal, said "the partnership combines the academic rigour of a western qualification with the trustworthiness of a fully accredited Indian college that has been in operation for over 20 years. The new college will be called the London College of Management and Leadership - Hyderabad.

Mr Aamer (Deputy Chairman of HPC), Mr Darren and Mrs Julia are pictured after the signing of the offciial Collaboration MOU.
The facebook page for LCMAL - Hyderabad can be found by clicking the facebook icon
The End to a Successful Series of Management Seminars in Dhaka

William Westgate, our Director of Studies, has recently returned from Dhaka where he held a series of successful seminars for FCI group located in the DEPZ Extension Area in Dhaka.

Darren Windsor and Janet Foxcroft at Reddy College in Hyderabad

Mr Darren and Ms Janet visited the Raja Bahadur Venkat Rama Reddy Women's College in Hyderabad for two Workskills Seminars: the first seminar was attended by the 2nd year MBA students and the second was attended by the first year MBA students.

Press releases in Urdu and Telegu Papers

Both articles appeared in the Munsif Daily, in Hyderabad.

The first details the partnership between the LCMAL and the Hyderabad Presidency College.

The second speaks of the courses we are offering.

A Visit to the Sreenidhi Institute Of Science & Technology

Mr Darren and Mrs Julia visited SNIST and were warmly welcomed by Professor Reddy, Dr Satanarayana and the senior management team. SNIST is one of the most highly respected engineering colleges in Andra Pradesh and their support for our project was greatly appreciated.

Wizkids 2011
In July, we were very proud to be asked to judge the final of the 2011 Wizkids public speaking contest at Satya Sai Nigam in Hyderabad. The contest, which is the biggest interschool cultural fiesta in South East Asia, drew over 18,000 entrants and we were down to judging the last 12 and finding the winner and 2 runners up - so no pressure there then!

The standard of the speakers was exceptionally high, especially considering that they had only been given their topic: Generation Taller, Stronger, Sharper the night before, and had to write and memorise a 4 minute speech and present it clearly and with conviction in front of a lively and cheering audience!
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It was an exciting and memorable occasion for everyone involved - audience, contestants and judges alike. The London College of Management and Leadership felt especially privileged to see India's next generation of public speakers take their first steps on the public speaking stage and we're sure that we haven't heard the last of them yet.

Congratulations to all the finalists - you did yourselves, your school and your country proud!

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