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London Life

London, “the Rome of the modern world”
London has been called the Rome of the modern world. Certainly, there are few, if any, other cities that can claim to be as international as London. The streets of London are full of people from all over the world. Companies – from the largest corporations to the smallest shops - are staffed by ex-patriots and foreign nationals from every country of the commonwealth and the rest of the world.

Of course, people are drawn to London for its convenient location in Europe and mild year-round weather, but the real appeal is the English language, English common-law, modern infrastructure and the sheer amount of things to do and see here.  The amount of events scheduled in any one year is extraordinary. Meanwhile, the streets of London are remarkably safe for a city of this size. Indeed, many people have come to London and soon find it difficult to live anywhere else!

Some of the world’s most famous schools, colleges and universities are located here. Such institutions draw in tens of thousands of foreign students who come to live and study in London every year.

 London for free
Not only is the standard of education here usually excellent, but students find a tremendous amount of things to do and see every day – many of them free.  One particular attraction is that most museums are free to enter. Visitors can see many of the ancient world’s greatest treasures at the British Museum and the finest paintings in the world at the National Gallery for free.  The parks in London are stunningly beautiful and the miles of canal and river walks can keep even the most intrepid rambler occupied for months.

History buffs can revel in ancient neighbourhoods of London - and the cathedrals, palaces and many other grand buildings are fantastic to visit (there are four world heritage sites in London alone). The city’s vast amount of shops, hotels, theatres and restaurants are yet another huge attraction.

There are thirteen professional football clubs including five English Premiership teams in London (Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, Fulham, Westham United). Cricket enthusiasts will find both Lords Cricket Ground and the Oval nearby while many international sporting events are held at the national stadium at Wembley while Twickenham hosts the international Rugby Union matches. Wimbledon, the grand slam tennis tournament, is played every year in the south west corner of the city and 2012 will see London host the summer Olympic Games in the east of town.

Of course, at the heart of London pumps its powerful business community. The City of London (and the Docklands) are home to the world’s largest financial services firms, media, marketing and entertainment firms dot the west end and the largest legal and accounting firms are head-quartered in London. Everything from architecture to fashion to software goes in the office blocks that line the city streets and London is home to many of the most famous stores and shopping areas in the world. Here u can buy also ed pills like cialis online.

While London is feeling some impact of the global credit crunch, so far that impact has been quite limited. A dynamic business environment still makes it easy for workers with the appropriate visas and work permits to find part-time work in many different types of companies.

Getting around
Transport for London (TfL) integrates both the world famous London Underground and London Bus service. TfL’s Oyster card is a particularly useful method to access to all parts of town cheaply and efficiently. Bicycles can now also be hired on many street corners in the centre of the city. There are nine major railway stations (King’s Cross, Euston, Marylebone, Paddington, Victoria, Waterloo, London Bridge, Fenchurch St and Liverpool Street Station) and the high speed Eurostar now links London with Brussels and Paris, with trains leaving hourly. The four major airports (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton) ensure a direct flight to almost every other major city in the world. The iconic London black cabs ply the streets and locals can rely on the cheaper, private “mini-cabs” to get around as well.

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