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Student Endorsements
"Exceptional teaching, provided me with practical insight into some daunting subject matter. The instruction was truly inspirational teacher.. I do not doubt they will continue to be a source of knowledge and support in the future"
Shamsul Islam
"Congratulations on opening up your own business school, i'm sure the students that attend will be fully entertained by all your stories of the real world and the madness that surrounds it!"
Stefan Dockx-Xavier
"I am grateful for the help and guidance you gave me at college. Believe me when i say that some of your words definitely helped me consider IB as a career prospect over Astronaut, Car designer and then the Asian stereotype of Doctor/Accountant."
Bhavin Ramnik Dixit (Analyst | Banks & Securities FIG | HSBC Bank Plc)

"I speak for many of your ex-students when I say you helped us in our journey through college and you thought us much more than just economics, you also taught us life lessons and we picked up many things just from watching you teach."
Kaio DeSouza

"I finished my placement at KPMG, (thank you for the reference btw), and have finished my first term at Warwick University I LOVE IT! So many opportunities, amazing! Glad u were my teacher"
Hermela Gebrekiros
"Thanks again for everything you taught me- if u didnt teach me i wouldnt have been able to do it! Take care."
Bansi Shah
"You're an amazing and inspiring teacher and I know that your latest endeavour will be an absolute success! Thanks for everything"
Nancy Nwaka
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